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What You Should Know About the $6B IoT for Home Care Market

What You Should Know About the $6B IoT for Home Care Market

We are already witnessing the rise of IoT technology in our day-to-day life, but the use of IoT in the health sector is something that deserves our attention right now. Basically, the IoT technology, which is essentially just a device (mostly) that sends and receives data and information from the internet, is growing rapidly as more and more people from the health sector recognize its value.

But even more interesting is the market for IoT technology for senior citizens. Over the past few years, this market has expanded into a whopping $6 billion annual industry. The US Census Bureau claims that by 2030, the number of people over the age of 65 will surpass the number of people under the age of 18, which means the demand for technological solutions to provide support and care to the senior citizens will rise enormously, especially after Covid-19.

Unlike other technologies and solutions, the IoT-based products in the market today focus heavily on the challenges and needs of elders and home care providers to prevent and minimize every potential risk possible.

Current Market Leaders in IoT Technology

CarePredict is a wearable IoT product and one of the leading brands in this field. It monitors and notifies the home care provider or the family about any change in sleeping habits, eating habits, or any general health information of the elderly. It also prevents falling, which is one of the major causes of severe accidental injuries in senior citizens. CarePredict tracks every movement of the person wearing it, and automatically informs the home care provider, and calls for medical help on detecting falls.

Essence SmartCare is another such line of IoT products that has similar features, aiming to allow senior citizens to practice their dignity and independence while maintaining the safety and precautions for their health.

LifePod focuses on solving a different problem. It is a product that focuses more on preventing the elderlies from feeling lonely and depressed with their highly proactive-voice platform and caregiver portal that allows them to speak to their loved ones and caregivers whenever they want.

Vayyar is a unique IoT product that identifies itself as the leader in 4G imaging sensors. It provides a different kind of solution yet an extremely effective one. It also helps in monitoring the elderlies' movements and activity with their high-level technological features.

Staying Safe and Protected with [Brand Name]

[Brand Name] brings a unique solution to a rather overlooked yet crucial challenge. The only audio-based product that focuses on improving the human interaction between the caregiver and the elders while providing all the necessary features. It allows families or home care agencies to directly monitor the performance of the caregiver along with the care recipient, of course.

Using [Brand Name] has multiple features that are very beneficial for both personal and professional environments, as well as for caregiving businesses as well. These are the following ways [Brand Name] can help provide a more secure and efficient caregiving experience for the elders -

  • Safeguarding clients in terms of health and service.
  • Identifying threats to send real-time alerts to the family or the agency.
  • Lastly, it will help monitor the quality of care, lack of skills and training in employees, if any, and much more.

A lasting solution to your care monitoring concerns

The use and popularity of IoT-based products are rising tremendously. It's everywhere, from our cars, home, hospitals, to offices. IoT products for elderlies, in particular, have a much higher potential for rapid expansion in the health department. Considering all the stats and numbers, it's clear that IoT technology will have a pretty big contribution to the home care services in the upcoming years, and [Brand Name] would be a big part of it.