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Great Fashion Trends from the 80s that are Back in Style

Great Fashion Trends from the 80s that are Back in Style

People in the 80s have witnessed quite a few over-the-top fashion trends and styles, but it was also the decade remembered for its boldness. Fashion trends in the 80s saw a lot of bright, colorful, expensive, and rich clothing. From Monochrome power suits to Ruffle Blouses, people of the 80s were not afraid to try new and obscure fashion.

Coming back to the 21st century, fashion trends these days widely differ from the 80s. But surprisingly, some fashion trends from the 80s are coming back in style, and people with good fashion sense and knowledge have figured out ways to use this to their advantage. These fashion trends from the 80s are much more toned-down versions of the originals.

The key to rock these four great fashion trends from the 80s that are back in style is to make it personal to you and your personality.

Oversized blazers with shoulder pads are not weird anymore!

Thanks to the mainstream media and celebrity influence, the oversized blazers with shoulder pads already started resurfacing in the 2000s. Now in 2020, it seems that oversized blazers have now officially entered the mainstream fashion trend. More and more people are starting to get spotted wearing this 80s style.

However, there are a few striking differences in oversized blazers with shoulder pads of this generation compared to the 80s. Now, they are not as colorful, loud, and boxy as they used to be. Nowadays, these blazers are much more structured and tailored, which helps us not look like someone coming out of a fancy show. Plus, it can be paired with almost any kind of outfit if one can pull it off.

Patchwork denim will never go out of style.

Jean pants, jean jackets, denim, acid-wash jeans are some of the fashion trends that represented the 80s. Jeans and denim never went anywhere, but one fashion trend that made its comeback from the 80s decade is patchwork denim.

This style is simple yet displays boldness and edginess. The most common version of the patchwork denim in trend is the floral print patchwork denim. It adds an extra element of laid-back style to it, and it is best for spring and fall.

Off-The-Shoulder dresses are more relevant than ever before

From Madonna, Carolina Herrera, Claude Montana all the way to a man named Anthony Ray, all of them contributed to bringing the off-the-shoulder dresses and outfits into the mainstream. Off-the-shoulder outfits were spotted in every significant event and function in the 80s. It had a tremendous influence on the masses, which led to its popularity.

However, after a while, it disappeared before coming back in trend stronger than ever before in the 21st century. Now, off-the-shoulder styles are everywhere, and it is no more just for fancy events and functions. It has now become more of a day and night casual wear.

Bomber jackets are the new definition of style.

Bomber jackets in the 80s arrived from a different kind of influence. The trend got off the ground from military pilots, high school football players, and popular movies like The Hunter and Top Gun. Bomber jackets back in the days were baggier and heavier compared to now.

Bomber jackets came back in the trend in the past couple of years. Nowadays, it’s much more stylish, dressier, and lighter. One can pair it with any winter outfit and still look amazing.

There are a lot more fashion trends that are back in style, and some are still on the way, but these four fashion trends are the most memorable and influential of the 80s decade as well as of the 21st century.